Many new mothers envision life with a newborn to be some sort of idyllic bliss, unfortunately, the reality can be quite different. Often new parents are overwhelmed. There’s sleep deprivation, inconsolable crying, mood swings, breastfeeding issues, contradictory opinions, other children, pets to care for, and a household to run. In the early weeks family and friends usually offer to help, but eventually, everyone goes back to their own lives, and that leaves you on your own. Our internationally certified and experienced postpartum doulas are available for day shifts, night shifts or short term live-in care.

We can be there for you when you need it. We guarantee it!

So what does a postpartum doula do?


What Does It Look Like?

You’ve just spent anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days in hospital, trying to find comfort in an unfamiliar bed, sleep deprived from constant interruptions, and nervous your newborn isn’t getting enough to eat because breastfeeding isn’t as easy as it seems. And then the hospital discharges you and you’re on your own.

Or you had a home birth and you may not take the time you need to recover. You’re home and there’s too much to do! The laundry is piling up, your baby is fussy, and you can’t find the energy to heat up a casserole. Also, what’s with all the visitors?

On top of that, you haven’t fully figured out the myriad of baby paraphernalia. Do you really need a swing, MamaRoo, and a baby carrier? And how do you put all this stuff together? You have uncertainties and too many unanswered questions. And everyone has an opinion! What’s a new mother to do?

Hire a postpartum doula.

Our doulas help you discover your parenting style, and what your immediate goals are. We’ll assist you in learning about your baby, all in a judgement-free manner. Talk about guilt-free motherhood! We create solutions for your issues—soother, swaddle or co-sleep—if comforting is a problem. Your Elite doula will help in meal planning, find you a moment to have a shower, or send you off to grab a much-needed nap. She can wash and fold your laundry, empty the dishwasher, tidy up the house, and have a nutritious snack waiting for you when you awake, if that is your desire.

Our doulas listen and validate your emotional concerns about the daily stresses of raising a newborn, and adjusting to this new normal. We recognize postpartum recovery for both vaginal and caesarean birth and offer physical comfort measures to help you cope with stitches, hemorrhoids, or a surgical scar. We’ll help with breastfeeding, or bottle feeding; all while offering encouragement and suggestions to make the process easier. Elite Doula Group connects you to new mother groups and other perinatal professionals when problems arise. We can help take the isolation and loneliness out of new motherhood. We will be your shoulder to lean on.

Our doulas build confidence in your partner as well, identify their special role, and help them flourish too. We help out with other siblings, making them feel special, as they transition to the new baby. We can suggest numerous ways to incorporate everyone into a new family unit; even the family pet.

Postpartum Doula Services can include:

  • Assist in normal recovery
  • Help you initiate bonding
  • Understand and support your parenting desires while building your confidence in your choices in feeding, diapering, bathing, soothing, and sleeping arrangements.
  • Recognize initial signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and encourage you to seek the advice of your family physician, mental health office or a trained counselor.
  • Offer of light housekeeping, meal preparation, and sibling care
  • Run important errands
  • Engage the entire family in their new roles

"Every day felt easier after you came and I truly think I am a better mother now because of you."