Let Us Nourish You!

You’ve heard the anecdotal evidence and you’re wondering if consuming your placenta is for you. Our experienced placenta encapsulation specialists are professionally trained and triple certified in blood borne pathogens, food safety, and the process of encapsulation itself. Ingestion of the placenta has not been approved as a supplement by Health Canada, but the anecdotal benefits are getting harder and harder to ignore. Our protocol is to fully ensure your safety, so you unequivocally know who has handled your placenta and it is processed in the safest, most up-to-date standard available today.

So what does a placenta specialist do?


What Does It Look Like?

So you’re having your placenta picked up by a stranger and processed in a place you’ve never seen. How do you truly know it’s your placenta when you get it back? What ingredients, if any, went into the process? How do they sterilize the equipment? What chemicals are being used? With Elite Doula Group, you never need to worry. We will do the encapsulating process in your own home, all under your watchful eye. We can also answer questions about breastfeeding, newborn care or postpartum recovery while we’re there.

Now that’s a different approach!

Once your placenta is safely packaged in our provided kit, refrigerated, and transported by you to your home, it will then be processed in your kitchen when you are ready to receive our placenta specialist. The placenta typically yields between 100-200 capsules. The finalized product is ingested with meals and should be taken daily, lasting about last 3-6 weeks. An umbilical cord keepsake memento is included at no extra cost.

Placenta Encapsulation Services can Include:

  • Transportation kit
  • Full placenta preparation and encapsulation process
  • Amber glass storage container
  • Detailed instructions for correct storage
  • Suggestions for ingestion amounts
  • Cord keepsake
  • Telephone, text, or email support for up to 2 weeks after receiving the placenta pills
  • Other placenta services available—please inquire about your needs

"I felt amazing after the birth of my third baby. I have a wonderful milk supply and feel energized. Thank you for making the process so easy!"