Let Us Prepare You!

Our comprehensive, internationally recognized 12 hour Lamaze childbirth education class is designed to minimize your apprehension and maximize your knowledge. Our certified and experienced instructors help you understand labour, birth, and postpartum recovery using a variety of methods, taking into account your learning style, and preferences. Our personalized in-home program allows you to book class times according to your schedule, all in the comfort of your own home. You’ll never miss a class!

What Does Childbirth Education Do?


What It Looks Like...

Why be corralled into a room with people you don’t know, over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, with someone who always talks out of turn and won’t let you ask a question? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to grab a spot on your own sofa, book at your convenience, and learn at your own pace?

That’s possible?

Our Elite Doula Group prenatal classes are geared for one-to-one interaction and catered to your learning style. Want information about policies and procedures of your specific hospital from people who actually work in them? We actively service each hospital, so the information you receive is always up-to-date. Don’t want to watch birth movies? You don’t have to! Want personal hands-on instruction in comfort techniques instead of sitting on the floor doing breathing exercises? Done. Whatever you want to learn, we’ll make it happen.

Our classes are split into easy to understand sessions.

During the classes we will review the physical and emotional changes in pregnancy, preparing for labour, and knowing when it has begun. We help you understand the stages and phases of the process, what happens to your body during birth, and how to build confidence in preparation for labour.

We will also cover all the medical interventions that could be necessary during your birth experience. We explore all the options for pain management, induction of labour, instrument delivery, caesarean birth, and other common childbirth interventions. We also help you discover non-medical alternatives, such as different coping methods, positions, and relaxation techniques that are useful for both the labouring mother and their partners. We assist you in understanding how your body and your baby work together in labour.

Lastly, we investigate the immediate postpartum period in hospital, postpartum recovery at home, postpartum mood disorders, newborn questions and concerns, and everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding. It’s a fast-paced class, but by the end, you’ll be left ready for anything!

"The prenatal classes were so much deeper and meaningful that we could have ever imagined. It helped prepare us in many ways and we really enjoyed having the one-to-one experience."