Summer Pregnancy Tips: Beat the Heat

Summer Pregnancy Tips: Beat the Heat

Jun 28, 2018

Does the thought of stepping outside in this heat make you want to wilt? As Southern Alberta enters the hottest months of summer, you may be wondering if you’ll survive your summer pregnancy. Don’t let rising temperatures stop you from enjoying the sunshine! There are a few things a Calgary, Lethbridge or Medicine Hat mom-to-be can do to combat the hot-weather woes…


You hear it all the time, but it’s true, summer is going to make you sweat! Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially if you are in the later months of pregnancy. Water is good, but boring, so mix it up with fruit juices, sport drinks, and virgin mocktails to replace lost electrolytes. Popsicles, chilled blended smoothies, or even an occasional 7-11 slurpee can beat the heat. Just remember over-hydration can be just as bad as too little hydration, so drink to thirst. Whatever you do, make your drink fun. Cheers!


The extremes in heat can make swelling, or edema, worse in summer! Does anyone remember Kim Kardashian’s bloated pregnancy feet crammed into those clear high heels? Looked totally comfortable, right? Not! Free the tootsies with sandals, flip flops or just go barefoot when you can. To help move excess fluid that may settle in your calves and ankles, have your partner give you an impromptu foot massage, schedule a pedicure, or munch on watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, and cherries which can act as a natural diuretic. Just make sure you’ve gotten the okay to do so from your healthcare provider. To reduce excessive swelling, make time to get off your feet—even at work. Your lower extremities will thank you!

Medicine Hat Doula Summer Pregnancy Tips


Choose your outfits wisely! Heavy fabrics and dark colors will trap heat. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton and clothing that promotes air circulation such as shorts, skirts and dresses. Keep colors light to reflect the sun’s rays and to allow sweat to evaporate. For a fun, fashionable way to keep from overheating and prevent melasma (the mask of pregnancy) add a wide-brimmed hat and giant sunglasses to your ensemble. Look at you—one cool mama!


Air conditioning. Hand-held portable fans. Spritz bottles. These are your friends! The goal is to cool down on hot days where and when you can. Pregnancy makes your internal body temperature increase and the hormonal changes can intensify your susceptibility to heat. Nothing helps better than a dip in the pool, splashing in a lake, or soaking in a cool bath. Lounging in water will chill you out, just make sure the temperature change isn’t too drastic. The goal is to prevent overheating, not to give your body hypothermia!

Calgary Doula Summer Pregnancy Tips


Heat breeds exhaustion and growing a human takes a lot of hard work! You may find in the hotter months of summer that you’re tired more often. This is normal and if you can, take advantage of those daytime cat naps. A cool, dark room and some shut-eye may be what you need to breeze through your pregnancy. It’s also easier to stay cool if you sleep during the peak heat times of the day. And really, who wants to run errands in the blazing summer sun? Sleep sounds much more fun!

Being pregnant during the hottest time of the year can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but we hope that some of these tips can make the season of sunshine enjoyable. Happy Canada Day long weekend!

Loree Siermachesky works as a multi-certified labour and postpartum doula, certified Lamaze childbirth educator, certified lactation educator, certified placenta encapsulation specialist and a certified car seat technician in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. She has had the honour of attending over 1400 births in the last 20 years. She is well-known and greatly respected by the medical providers in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brooks, Taber, and Calgary. She cares deeply for this profession and even more for her clientele, honoring them in whatever method of birth they choose, or helping them transition to new parenthood as they wish