Planning a Gender Reveal Party: Team Pink or Team Blue?

Planning a Gender Reveal Party: Team Pink or Team Blue?

Mar 7, 2018

It’s hip. It’s trending. And frankly, it’s good old plain fun! Millennial parents are taking one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy and adding their own spin to announcing the gender of their baby. Forget the stagnant ‘baby shower,’ a gender reveal party is a great way to involve family and friends in your special announcement. Here’s some great ideas on making your party just a little more memorable, and a whole lot more fun!


The big question here is: Boy or Girl? Balloons are boring so spice up your party with unique themes. Deciding on a theme can be a little difficult, but think about what you enjoy as a couple, the time of year it is, or your favorite interests. Parents have chosen everything from Basketballs and Ballerinas to Top Hats and Tiaras. Whatever you choose, just pick something that you can easily coordinate invitations, party favours, and food.


The plan to party usually happens shortly after your 20th week anatomy scan, which is around the halfway mark of your pregnancy. Pick that special someone to keep the secret safe, especially if you and your partner want to be surprised on event day! Now choose the venue and pick a date. Plan on your gender reveal party to be a few days after your ultrasound.

In order to have as many of your family and friends present, try to send your party invites a good month in advance. You can get creative and custom-make your own, find cute ones on Etsy, or find free printable invitations online. You can also skip the paper altogether and just send an email, text message, or simply create an event on social media instead.

Besides the essentials like date, time, location, and RSVP details, you can ask your attendees to wear pink or blue, or to prepare a special treat to share.


Have your guests wear chosen décor that supports their gender guess or your party theme. Little props such as cut-out moustaches for boys and red lips for girls make memorable opportunities for photos. A large banner, lots of pink and blue foods and beverages, an ‘Instagram” type of photo station, and plenty of party games are a requirement!


You'll need things to do at your gender reveal party and what is more fun than games? Between socializing with your guests, you want to keep them entertained until the big announcement. You can play the usual backyard party games—like pin the baby in the belly, a gender themed scavenger hunt, or play a baby inspired jeopardy game. You can play pink and blue bingo, or have your guests write as many boy and girl baby names using the alphabet. Some parties involve diapers and having your guests use their sense of smell to guess the melted chocolate bar inside, for example. Whatever you plan, make it fun!


Depending on if you know what your guests don’t, or it’s a surprise for you as well, there can be many ways to announce the news. Think balloon drops, silly string, a gender reveal cake or cupcakes, smoke bombs, or smashing open a piñata. There are no hard and fast rules…just make it memorable!


Make sure your guests head home with something as a party favour. Team Little Man or Little Miss buttons, hand-made appropriate frosted cookies, or a bag of cotton candy. If anything, remember etiquette and thank your guests for attending.

Make your party as relaxed or as elaborate as you wish. Celebrate your journey into parenthood!

Loree Siermachesky works as a multi-certified labour and postpartum doula, certified Lamaze childbirth educator, certified breastfeeding counselor, certified placenta encapsulation specialist and a certified car seat technician in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. She has had the honour of attending over 1400 births in the last 20 years. She is well-known and greatly respected by the medical providers in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Brooks, Taber, and Calgary. She cares deeply for this profession and even more for her clientele, honoring them in whatever method of birth they choose, or helping them transition to new parenthood as they wish.