Hiring a Calgary Birth Photographer

Hiring a Calgary Birth Photographer

Apr 20, 2017

When people hear the words birth photography they automatically picture graphic images, or a camera pointed somewhere awkward, or perhaps a photo of a mother screaming. Who'd want that? But in reality this just isn't the case. The main purpose of a birth photographer is to capture moments that will empower and awe a mother and leave a family with a priceless memento of a unforgettable occasion.

Let's dissect the top three myths and realities of birth photography, so if this is something that you wish, you can understand the art and heart of your birth photographer.


MYTH: When you have a birth photographer you will automatically get crotch shots.

REALITY: While birth photographers are able and most of the time willing to take these photos, if that is your desire; they will avoid them if you don't want them. Birth photography isn’t meant to be traumatic or show your birth from an angle that makes you uncomfortable. If you’re not interested in seeing these types of photographs, let your birth photographer know. They will accommodate your wishes! There are also ways for birth photographers to capture moments without compromising the modesty of a birthing mother.

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MYTH: Everything a birth photographer captures are just photos of the baby being born.

REALITY: What many people don’t realize is that birth is full of meaningful and breathtaking moments. When a woman goes through the process of childbirth, her inner strength, emotions, and thoughts are incredibly visible. A mother-to-be goes though many physical and emotional changes in labour and may not even realize it. A great birth photographer captures these quiet or intense moments—whether it be of a partner supporting a mother through the heaviest of contractions, or a mother focusing in on her baby, or a newborn’s freshly open eyes. Any images that are desired, or not desired, are in control of the mother.

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MYTH: Birth photographers are distracting for the mothers, support people, and medical staff.

REALITY: The main job as a birth photographer is not to distract from the natural movement of labour, birth, and immediate postpartum. Photographers tend to know where to be so that they're are not in the way, or sometimes, even noticeable. The point is to find the moments, not to be in them. It is always nice for the medical staff to have advanced warning about any extra birth team members, but usually birth photographers are happy to hear any direction or concerns the staff has. After all, happy medical professionals equal happy mothers!

Birth photography is such a beautiful way to commemorate a life-changing journey. It is important to remember that this is YOUR moment and YOUR once-in-a-lifetime with this baby. If you are considering birth photography, be sure to talk to your photographer about all the options you’d like, any concerns you have, any photos you don’t want, or any moments you’ve dreamed of capturing.

Your happiness bring us joy!

Reedan Thiessen is a Calgary birth doula and birth photographer at Mountain Mama YYC. She has a strong passion for women and their families, and strives to capture and support them during their treasured first moments of parenthood. Reedan is the proud wife to Ben and mom to an 18-month old daughter.