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About Us

Elite Doula Group began as an idea in a diner in the middle of nowhere. Heather Crossan of Calgary and Loree Siermachesky of Medicine Hat met monthly for years at the Roadside Grill on the TransCanada highway near Bassano. These meetings started in 2009 as peer support in an ever-changing doula field and then expanded into growing a full-fledged doula agency in 2016, encompassing the entire southern half of the province of Alberta.

Their goal is simple; to provide each family within that region with professional and compassionate support throughout pregnancy, labour, and the postpartum period.

Our doulas are expertly selected for their knowledge, customer service, and experience. These doulas are known to be the best of the best! We won’t settle for less. Our rigorous screening process ensures you are inviting into your home competent and credentialed experts. Elite Doula Group is an award-winning company that passionately promotes our three pillars of professionalism: Empowering Families, Engaging Communities, and Elevating Doulas.

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Empowering Families

Having a baby is a key life experience that families never forget, so it is imperative that the perception of birth and early parenthood be as positive as possible. We believe by fully engaging in partnerships with parents; we can create a space for self-empowerment—one birth, one baby, and one family at a time. While empowerment comes from within, continuous support, reassurance, and validation encourage inner strength. Each Elite doula digs deep for that connection.

Together we are powerful.

Engaging Communities

Not only do we work in our communities, but we also live in them too. We believe in the power of shared values to shape and change the future of our communities by allocating common ideas, goals, and connection. We seek collaboration among our community leaders, other business owners, and dynamic individuals to create resources for parents, establish educational events and activities, network complimentary services and support local non-profit organizations together. Each Elite doula has individually thrived but maintaining this gold standard of excellence alone can be overwhelming.

Together we are better.

Elevating Doulas

While ancient wisdom in supporting a woman throughout her childbearing year is a time-honored tradition, only recently has it been considered a legitimate profession. We believe that by valuing doulas we can create sustainability, decrease burnout rates, and garner respect among clients, our families, and other healthcare providers. Each Elite doula has strived for professionalism with her peers.

Together we are stronger.

5 Stars


"Heather began with us not long after our triplets came home from the hospital. After being in the neonatal unit they were wee little men when they came home and, well...a HANDFUL times 3! They were born at 30 weeks and doing well. Our smallest was on oxygen for 3 months so also had some extra needs. We were quickly relieved as we knew we had the right woman for the job! I soon coined Heather as the "baby whisperer" not only was she incredibly supportive to me and very knowledgeable in the area of breastfeeding and pumping (one of the main reasons I chose her) I soon learned that Heather was also so ridiculously intuitive and responsive to my three babies. They all are a bit different with different needs and it was like she knew each of their energies. She was there to support during the days but then soon moved to mostly overnight work for us as we felt this would be the most valuable for us as she was able to handle all three babies for the most part on her own. Heather did so much overall work to help us get through such a stressful time we could never really thank her enough." by Nicole & Jack
“One has so many questions and unknowns bringing a child into the world, with a confusing sea of information from which to get answers, and help. I can't imagine going through my pregnancy, labour, and postpartum without Loree's help, and support at my fingertips. I felt completely at ease knowing there were no dumb questions, and in awe of her wealth of practical knowledge, and passion for her profession. She gave me the empathy I needed during the weary moments of pregnancy, the confidence and empowerment preparing for labour, the energy and guidance during pivotal moments in my labour, and reassurance and teaching that were critical to breastfeeding, and confidence in motherhood after my baby was born. These are just a few examples. I could not have asked for a better angel on my shoulder during the past nine months!” by Rebecca & Dominic
"Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude for all Heather's help, support, and advice before, during and after our daughter's birth. Having Heather as our doula was one of the best decisions we ever made!  We were so glad to have had her present during the birth and that she was a part of that amazing, incredible, time with us.  We will definitely recommend Heather to any of our friends looking for a doula!  A million thank you’s!" by Cheryl & Jordan
”Loree's wealth of knowledge, experience, and her compassion, enabled her to be just what I needed, when I needed it. In early pregnancy, when I had first-time mom fears, she encouraged me, and directed me to the perfect resources to teach me about pregnancy, labour, and life with a newborn.  In late pregnancy, when complications arose, she was constantly supporting me, calming my fears, and helped brainstorm with me, so I could make the best decisions for my body, and my baby. During labour she was a hand to hold when I was afraid, a voice to challenge my fears, a guide for my husband, and someone to talk with to pass the time. I didn't have to say anything, she just seemed to know what I needed to hear, what my husband needed to do, or what position I should try to ease labour along. She noticed potential problems that could arise with breastfeeding right away, and referred me to the right resources to get those remedied.  In short, Loree educated and empowered this mom with the knowledge and courage she needed to transition into motherhood, without losing her mind. Loree is so intuitive, respectful of your wishes, and easy going that I'm sure she can adapt her approach to whatever the family she is working with needs. She certainly did for our family.” by Melanie & Ryan
"Heather was so unbelievably amazing and I could not imagine this experience without her. She was such a huge part of our special day, and was so exceptional in all that she did… bringing the coffee in for everyone, being available 24 hours a day, and being our amazing supporter throughout the night and morning.  Heather was so hands on with me, and made me feel like I could keep going, and that I was doing a good job.  Her encouraging words, and faith in my ability to have this baby naturally was so valued, and really helped me to look through to the bigger picture.  My husband feels the same way as me, and is so appreciative of Heather's help and support to him too.  We really could not have done it without her, and are so happy that she were such a big part in the most special day of our life." by Sarah & Ken
"We can’t thank Heather enough for being such a strong support throughout our pregnancy.  We have learned so much from her leading up to and after our daughter's arrival!  We definitely couldn’t have gone through it without you!  We are so happy Heather was part of our birth experience and that we’ve been able to get to know her over these past months."   by Andrea & Kane
“Loree is incredible!  My husband and I knew from our initial consultation with her that she would be a great resource. Loree provided doula and placental encapsulation services for us. We also took the 12 hour Lamaze classes with her. We learned so much from her and she was always available to put my mind at ease. Pregnancy can be a scary time for first-time mothers, and she helped quell my anxiety on many occasions. She was a strong support for me during my delivery. My husband was very grateful for her as well, especially in the delivery room. Loree's expertise, guidance, and passion for what she does made my pregnancy and birthing experience much richer. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their birth experiences.” by Aimee & Cam
"When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I knew right away I wanted Loree to be on my labour support team. I had heard many amazing stories about how hard she works for her clients, and how amazing her instincts for labour are. I had a long and traumatic birth with my son, and I came into this pregnancy with a lot of fear and anger. In our first meeting, Loree reassured me that we would work through the fear together, and we would approach this birth from a place of strength. She validated my feelings, and for the first time gave me hope that things would be different the second time around. I was thankful for her guidance, and as I reached full term, I felt confident, and encouraged that things would go smoothly. As my due date came and went, Loree’s faith in me, and my body, was unwavering. She encouraged me to be patient and trust myself. When I finally did go in to labour, she was by my side, sitting back to observe, and offering advice when needed. As things progressed, she helped manage the pain with a variety of techniques, like hip squeezes, which worked wonders! My daughter arrived safe and sound, and I finally had the healing birth experience that I needed. I am so thankful to Loree for helping me achieve my goals, and for having faith in me, even when I had doubts. I truly feel that every women deserves to have someone as encouraging, and supportive as she is, at their births. I have never met anyone as committed to service, as Loree. She would truly go to the ends of the earth for her clients, and I consider myself lucky to count myself as one of hers." by Brittany & Tyler
"When making the decision to hire a doula for our second daughter's birth, we were hoping to get informed about what to expect in a hospital environment, and be able to establish a relationship similar to what we had with our midwives for our last birth. When the time came, we got all of that and more. Loree had told me several times leading up to birth that it would happen fast and hard, and it did. In the span of about 40 minutes, I dilated from 4 cm to 10 cm, and was involuntarily pushing. It was so much so soon, that I experienced something that I really thought I wouldn't, fear. I was so afraid, and the pain was so much, that I couldn't find my happy mental space. Loree brought me back to reality several times, and gave me the encouragement I needed to do what I had to. She provided relief through incredibly strong back labour by pushing on my hips, and coaching me through the contractions. I literally gave birth laying backwards on top of her, and in the middle of the chaos, she somehow acquired a camera, and captured the whole thing. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have had her through it all. Could we have done it without her there? Sure. Knowing what we know now, all that she provides, no way would we ever choose not to have her there. Loree came highly recommended to us by several people, and I know now, for a very good reason. When you hire a doula like Loree, you aren't just acquiring her services, you're acquiring her instincts that only come through years of experience. When you get into that dark place giving birth, she is able to pull you out of it. We've come out of this as strong advocates for doulas, and the support they provide." by Megan & Andrew

Services Offered

home birth | water birth | hospital birth | caesarean birth | labour induction | unmedicated vaginal birth | vaginal birth with epidural | vaginal birth after caesarean | breastfeeding | bottle feeding | supplemental nursing systems | feeding tubes | cloth diapers | babywearing | scheduled parenting | attachment parenting | newborn care | multiples | sibling care | postpartum support | placenta encapsulation | placenta tincture | antepartum support | infertility | adoption | surrogacy | bereavement | stillbirth | childbirth education | prenatal classes | car seat safety | and more.

Service Areas

Foothills Medical Center | Peter Lougheed Center | Rockyview General Hospital | South Health Campus | Drumheller Health Center | High River General Hospital | Chinook Regional Hospital | Cardston Hospital | Taber Health Center | Pincher Creek Health Center | Crowsnest Pass Hospital | Medicine Hat Regional Hospital | Brooks Health Center | Cypress Region Hospital

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